Intelligente dolfijnen

Over dolfijnen gaan veel sterke verhalen rond: ze zijn intelligent, vredelievend, spiritueel of zelfs buitenaards. Maar zetten we alle informatie op een rij, dan blijkt een dolfijn een gewoon dier te zijn, zonder (boven-)menselijke eigenschappen.

European Creationists

Sons of Light A Visit to the Sixth European Creationist Congress by Bart Koene – Original Dutch version in Skepter 8.3 (1995) Scientists think that our earth and the universe have existed for billions of years. But a small group

Stage Hypnotism

Dutch version Stage Hypnotism Demystified by Rob Nanninga – original Dutch version in Skepter 7.4 (1994) Rasti Rostelli attracts capacity audiences with a whirwind show bursting with telekinesis, telepathy and hypnosis. On further investigation the performance turns out to be

Phyllis Newcombe

Spontaneous Human Confabulation: Requiem for Phyllis by Jan Willem Nienhuys <> – Skeptical Inquirer, 25(2), March/April 2001 Examination of an oft-repeated tale of spontaneous human combustion reveals distortions, errors, and mystery mongering. According to popular books on the unexplained, a young